Samsung Bag vacuum cleaner with low noise construction, 3 L VCJG05RV

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Energy Class: Α+

Max Power Consumption: 550W

Bag Capacity: 3lt

Suction Power: 170W

With bag 3-in-1 handle:

Brush brush+ Upholstery brush + Dust brush

Annual Energy Consumption : 22kwh

Carpet Cleaning Performance Class: C

Floor Cleaning Performance class: A


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3-in-1 handle

Brush brush + Upholstery brush + Dust brush joined in one. The accessories on the handle allow you to control with your hands so you can clean anywhere without changing the brush at a time.

Make time to wipe quiet

Imagine being able to listen to music as you wipe or clean on the lower floor while your children are asleep quietly upstairs. The low-noise construction and the Silencio Plus brush help reduce noise to just 75 decibels – quieter than a simple phone conversation! Also, you will not hear the annoying high frequency noise that can be caused by the airflow in a conventional vacuum cleaner.