Automation Efficiency

Office automation can get many tasks accomplished faster.

Integrated with Software

Iinternal database, a CRM, and marketing automation tools.

Sufficient Resources

Automation eliminates the need for a large teams and unproductive staff.

Reports and Analytics

Compare production outcome quality, employee attendance and others.



With smart home technologies your possibilities are endless – that is why these technologies are also available for your businesses. Upgrade your workplace by adding an array of smart solutions from lighting to audio/video and more. Add convenience and peace of mind to your daily lifestyle!

Security Package:

  • Motion Detector
  • Control Panel
  • Cellular Communication
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Outdoor Wireless HD Camera
  • Interior HD Camera
  • Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock


Smart employees appreciate smart solutions. In today’s increasingly connected world, a UNISAT system will enhance the workspace and help everyone achieve peak productivity. Regardless of the size of your business, be it a small business or a global corporation, your network and IT infrastructure are the pillars of your operation and it is important to maintain them. While trying to stay on top of everything as a business owner it can be challenging to stay up-to-date with all the newest technologies.



The Best
in Marketing

The Best
in Service

The Best
in Innovations


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By placing a smart home system to help operate your workplace, our professional amenities will always be at your service. With a smart home system, all the devices become part of a single intranet which you can control with the ease of an app. Your security is highly valued and keeping your operation safe is critical to the growth and success of your business. Rest assured that all safety measures will be taken by us, so that you have that weight off your shoulders.


By adding smart home features to your hotel rooms, you can give your hotel guests the ultimate experience. They will now be able to personalize and control their room using lightning, climate control and entertainment smart systems. You don’t only enhance your customers stay with an automated smart solution, but you also improve the overall energy efficiency and security of your hotel saving yourself resources while keeping everyone safe.


Now each one of your customers will be able to go through an exclusive experience at your restaurant – control every zone and set the right mood with the lighting. One simple interface allows you to control every aspect of your restaurant including managing all the TVs to automating the climate control systems to save energy.

You Are Most Welcome

At Our Office in Limassol

UNISAT Smart Systems is located in the vibrant area of Limassol. You are always welcome to visit our office, especially if you have any questions regarding the smart home solutions or are having troubles picking out the right one for yourself – we have a team of dedicated specialists who are always at your service.
Give us a call or stop by for a coffee, we are waiting for you!